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How the “Adaptation COP” serves to build systemic resilience, will determine its success

The upcoming UN Climate Conference, COP27, is branded the “Adaptation COP”. Not so very long…

Top Climate Tweets of 2022

2022 has been the biggest reality check on climate change and the urgency to prioritize…
alt="Pakistan Floods">

Pakistan devastating floods, a harbinger of what is to come

Pakistan is counting the devastating cost of climate change right now. One thousand people dead…

Climate finance key to delivering on latest NDCs

As with legendary Indian spin bowler Anil Kumble, Prime Minister Modi kept his delivery plans…
coal-fired power plants
Between coal and heavy metals: the dumping site of southern Chile
Charquini, the glacier that is inevitably melting
EPA hamstrung as attention turns to ‘green’ gas and new NDCs
Colombia: Legal Natural Resources Are Also Linked to Conflict and Crime


The latest opinions and commentaries written by climate & diplomacy experts.

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Opinion: As the COP26 smoke clears, rhetoric must become real action

Ambassador Walton Webson By Ambassador Walton Webson, Chair of AOSIS, Permanent Representative of Antigua and…

Opinion: Africa is living the climate crisis now – COP26 must deliver

Gamal M Hassan By Gamal M Hassan - Minister for Planning, Investment and Economic Development…

Opinion: Greenwashing is the new climate denial

Laurence Tubiana We need an independent mechanism to ensure the integrity of climate commitments not…

Opinion: Leading UK biz group backs UN anti-greenwash drive

Nick Molho In the run up to COP26, an increasing number of businesses have recognised…
Opinion: A COP for the Climate or for the Financial Sector?
Opinion: COP26 could open the floodgates to corporate cheating on emissions

Climate Diplomacy Snapshots

The Climate Diplomacy Snapshots provide the climate community with a clear overview of 24 countries and the EU on climate and recovery to pursue these joint objectives and keep the global average temperature increase to 1.5°C

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This open-access tracker tool pulls together the many different climate pledges that have been made by nations, cities, businesses and others.
Mission 2020 Tracker
An assessment of the orientation of COVID-19 stimulus in relation to climate change, biodiversity and other environmental impacts.
Green Stimulus Index
An independent science-based assessment tracking all countries' emission reduction pledges and their implementation.
Climate Action Tracker
Reactions to the latest developments of the COP26 negotiations from experts, decision-makers and activists.
COP26 Voices

Climate Progress News Barrel

The Climate Progress News Barrel tool is a living, open-access resource for communicators, journalists, experts and social leaders that pulls together the biggest, most interesting and most important stories of climate progress and impacts across the global economy.

In the last few weeks ahead of COP26, it’s clear that climate action is nowhere near the pace and scale of what the science calls for. But government commitments under the Paris Agreement only tell part of the story. Change is happening, at different levels and in different ways, around the economy. The more governments see that their major businesses, investors, cities and regions are committing to stronger targets and that clean solutions are growing cheaper than polluting rivals, the greater confidence policymakers can have in raising their own ambitions.

This news barrel of stories about progress and impacts can help you find examples and spot trends in climate action and impacts, adding real-world stories and colour to broader themes.

If, for instance, you’re writing a story or speech about the finance sector’s shift away from fossil fuels, you can scroll through the Finance Progress Examples tab for the latest news stories. If you’re looking for commitments by businesses, investors and cities in the US, you can search for any recent news stories in the US/ North America across all tabs. Or, you can simply visit the spreadsheet every now and then to check for new research briefings or changes in a particular sector.

The Climate Progress News Barrel is hosted by Camda, a community of data and analytical experts providing climate action information from regions, cities, businesses, investors and civil society.

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