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The latest opinions and commentaries written by climate & diplomacy experts.

May 31, 2023

Labour and community focused just transition policies to unlock the climate deadlock

Tasneem Essop Toni Moore By Tasneem Essop (Executive Director Climate Action Network International) and Toni…
April 18, 2023

Nordic leaders must invest in global resilience or pay the price

Mikael Allan Mikaelsson Mikael Allan Mikaelsson is a Policy Fellow at Stockholm Environment Institute  …
April 12, 2023

Is Europe gassing Africa with World Bank support?

Dean Bhekumuzi Bhebhe Naomi Kreitman Dean Bhekumuzi Bhebhe is a campaigner for Powershift Africa and…
April 5, 2023

A New Renaissance for Africa and Europe: The Time is Now

Dean Bhekumuzi Bhebhe Naomi Kreitman By Dean Bhekumuzi Bhebhe, Don't Gas Africa and Naomi Kreitman,…


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