After four years of inaction and over 100 days since the US left the Paris Agreement, the country has officially rejoined the climate accords. It is now President Joe Biden’s turn to make up for those lost years and accelerate the decarbonisation of the US. These are the key stories reflecting on the historic return and the to do list of the Biden Administration.

With the US back in the Paris Agreement, stars align for accelerated climate action

ANALYSIS-With U.S. return to Paris Agreement, stars align for accelerated climate action
The formal return of the United States to the Paris Agreement on climate change on Friday brings it in line with accelerating action nationally and internationally to ward off climate threats - and could spur more global ambition, analysts said.
US return to Paris Agreement will spur global climate action
Move lays groundwork for a more unified approach to climate action in the US and internationally

Biden plans to announce new climate target in April

U.S. rejoins Paris climate agreement. Now comes the daunting part.
The Biden administration seeks to show seriousness of purpose to meet its emissions-cutting commitments and restore the U.S.'s diminished standing on the world stage.

Eyes turn to US 2030 emission goal

As US formally rejoins the Paris Agreement, eyes turn to 2030 emissions goal
Now the US is back in the Paris Agreement, it is expected to set a 2030 emissions target, with campaigners calling for at least 50% cuts

The US vows to make up for lost time

As the US rejoins the Paris Agreement,  what’s next on the road to COP26?

As the US Rejoins the Paris Agreement, What’s Next on the Road to COP26?
On Feb 19th, the United States will officially be back in the Paris Agreement, thirty days after President Biden signed a declaration to rejoin the agreement on his first day in office. The President has clearly signaled to the world that climate change will be a top tier domestic and international
New President’s climate to-do list • UN Climate Summit News
The Biden administration take climate change seriously, there are the things we expect to see on the climate diplomacy front.