During the past month, climate diplomacy related media coverage has been centred around the results of the largest global survey on climate change and President Biden’s ambitious climate policy efforts. Here are the most prominent COP26 stories of the last month.

Over 65% of global population thinks climate change is a global emergency

The US is back in the Paris Agreement and Biden plans to reverse energy policies of Trump Era

Biden puts U.S. back into fight to slow global warming
WASHINGTON (AP) — President Joe Biden returned the United States to the worldwide fight to slow global warming in one of his first official acts Wednesday and immediately launched a series of...
On Day One, Biden hopes to undo Trump's legacy on climate change, energy policy and more
The U.S. will give notice to rejoin the Paris Agreement on Wednesday.

The court ruled: France failed to take sufficient climate action

Court rules France failed to respect its climate change goal
PARIS (AP) — A Paris court on Wednesday ruled that the French state failed to take sufficient action to fight climate change in a case brought by four nongovernmental organizations. The...

“Gas is over” EU Chief says

'Gas is over', EU bank chief says
We need to face the reality that the future is no longer in fossil fuels and need to show credibility on that, said President of the European Investment Bank, Dr Werner Hoyer on Wednesday (20 January).

G20 countries climate score: Not good enough

Big emissions pledges are off to a rocky start
There's a major disconnect between emissions goals and actual plans.