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#COP27 – Top Stories in Media – Nov 9

By November 9, 2022Agenda, News

Here are the top COP27 and Climate stories compiled from major international English-language news outlets.


“While relatively small in size, the funds were symbolically significant… as over 100 leaders gather in Egypt for the UN’s COP27 climate summit – where the urgent need for funding to support developing countries facing climate change-fuelled disasters is set to dominate the talks.”

“Led by a 13-member steering committee of African leaders, CEOs, and carbon credit experts, the Africa Carbon Markets Initiative (ACMI) was launched to support the growth of carbon credits production, create jobs and protect biodiversity in Africa, according to a press release by the initiative.”

Germany, Belgium pledge funds to tackle climate 'loss and damage'
Germany and Belgium on Monday (7 November) joined a small number of wealthy countries to commit funding to help developing nations facing damage and losses caused by climate change, committing €170 million and €2.5 million respectively.

What’s at stake

“Tuvalu has become the first country to use United Nations climate talks to demand an international fossil fuel non-proliferation treaty, which would phase out the use of coal, oil and gas.”

“[Antonio Guterres] and leaders such as Barbados Prime Minister Mia Mottley said it was time to make fossil fuel companies contribute to funds which would provide vulnerable countries with financial aid for the climate-related losses they are suffering.”

Other Stories

Factbox: COP27: Which countries have offered 'loss and damage' funds?
As negotiators at COP27 wrangle over whether wealthy polluters should help vulnerable nations pay for costly extreme weather events fueled by climate change, a handful of small, European governments has stepped up to offer "loss and damage" funds.
Antigua and Barbuda PM tells Cop27 India and China must pay for loss and damage
So far, demands to pay for climate finance and compensations have mainly been focused on developed nations like US and UK
More developing countries refinancing debt in green deals to tackle climate change
Collectively, 58 of the world’s developing countries most vulnerable to climate change have almost half a trillion of debt servicing payments due in the next four years.
Rishi Sunak to strike gas deal with US to ease energy crisis
PM to announce 'partnership' to ship liquefied natural gas to allay blackout fears
African nations can’t ‘adapt’ to the climate crisis. Here's what rich countries must do ...
There are 37 million people facing starvation in the Horn of Africa. Time for wealthier countries to adopt ‘loss and damage finance’, says climate activist Vanessa Nakate