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Here are the top stories compiled from major international English-language news outlets.


“A group of 190 countries and organisations will agree to commit to the end of coal power at the COP26 climate summit… Major coal countries Poland and Vietnam are among 18 nations committing to phase out the use of the world’s dirtiest fossil fuel for the first time.”

“The Asian Development Bank has launched a plan that aims to help Indonesia and the Philippines retire 50% of their coal fleet over the next 10 to 15 years. The plan, called the ‘Energy Transition Mechanism,’ comprises two multi-billion-dollar funds.”

“The IFRS Foundation said at the COP26 climate conference on Wednesday that it would form the International Sustainability Standards Board (ISSB), which will be tasked with creating a single set of standards ‘to meet investors’ information needs’.”

Cop26: 190 countries and organisations sign pledge to end coal-fired power
Labour said ‘glaring gaps remain’ in government’s plan to end burning of world’s dirtiest fossil fuel

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Other Stories

LEAKED: Paper on gas and nuclear’s inclusion in EU green finance rules
A proposal to bring both nuclear power and natural gas into the bloc’s green finance taxonomy is circulating in Brussels. The paper has been branded as a “scientific disgrace” by campaigners who warned it would damage the EU's credibility on green finance.
Australia eyes more oil and gas fields as COP26 seeks fossil phase-out
Australia is preparing for more oil and gas exploration as it declined to join the major international push to cut methane emissions.
Ottawa pledges to end financing for foreign fossil-fuel projects in 2022
A pledge to end financing for foreign fossil-fuel projects in 2022 is the latest effort by the federal government to push back against Canada’s international image as a robust supporter of the oil and gas industry
Greenwashing on Facebook: How the World's Biggest Polluters Use Social Media to Obfuscate on ...
Some of the world's biggest polluters are using Facebook to simultaneously promote fossil fuel use and greenwash their corporate image.
Uhuru Kenyatta: Paris climate pledges still unfulfilled
Uhuru Kenyatta says he will ask world leaders at COP26 if promises made six years ago can be fulfilled.
For nations on the front lines of climate change, a fight for money — and how to spend it
How do you spend $100 billion a year to fight climate change? New, more savvy investors are looking at climate projects.
Cop26 emission pledges could limit global heating to less than 2C
University of Melbourne research suggests India’s plans could make sizeable difference to projections
Climate activists to target 10 UK airports this weekend to protest expansion
‘Any emissions reductions from technological developments will be eaten up by plans for expansion of the sector,’ says Safe Landing
Deforestation: Why COP26 agreement will struggle to reverse global forest loss by 2030
Saving the world's dwindling forests is essential if we are to avoid dangerous climate change. Forests soak up carbon from the atmosphere and cutting them down releases it. On balance, forests removed about 7.6 billion tonnes of carbon every year over the last two decades. This is roughly 15% ...