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At COP27, the people—youth, indigenous groups, most affected people and areas (MAPA), small islands and developing states (SIDS), have demonstrated leadership by rising up against mere commitments and demanding urgent, serious action, along with climate financing and addressing of loss and damage by developed world and fossil fuel groups.

The barriers to meaningful participation by youth are blatantly evident. With over 400 online and in-person participants, the Afrikan Youth Caravan brought together voices from Lagos- Nigeria, Nairobi- Kenya, Lusaka- Zambia and Alexandria-Egypt to amplify the needs of their communities

The caravan saw multi-sectoral participation from NGOs, national and international developmental experts and partners, youth, Academia and Government representatives, designed under three thematic areas;

  • Resilience,
  • Just energy transition and
  • Youth action,

Below is their statement to COP27 leaders.