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Selma is a social and climate youth activist who has taken part in many programs and organizations seeking change and serving the SDGs by speaking out for youth and justice.

Link to Selma’s work

Adamou Ndam, is an environmental engineer from Yaoundé Cameroon 🇨🇲, currently consultant at the french NGO, World for Nature Conservation. This organization is based in France and operates in African countries and more focused on Biodiversity conservation, running  projects that tend to protect the environmental degradation

Kenyan Environmentalist, Climate and Social Justice Activist and Wildlife Conservationist. She is the Country Mentor Volunteer at the African Climate Reality Project (ACRP)and New Deal for Nature and People Ambassador at the African Network of Young Leaders for Peace and Sustainable Development(ANYL4PSD)
Link to Risper’s work

A climate and environmental advocate, pushing for meaningful youth engagement for restoration. Through the Kenya Environmental Action Network (KEAN), he has worked on an Afrika Youth Caravan to COP27, a project supporting 20 Afrikan youth to successfully get to Sharm-El-Sheik

Advocacy and education on Climate Change at the grassroot level, who  teaches and narrates to the communities in a simple language that they understand best on matters climate change and reflects their views and needs at the high level climate talks.


Environmental Lawyer advocating for sustainability, conservation and management of our biodiversity through the lens of our young generation as they are the future of our generation.

Kenyan Ecowarrior raising awareness of the climate knowledge gaps within her society. She is particularly keen on emission reductions and is running a 1.5 degrees campaign in major universities, raising climate ambition by preparing r students to tackle the climate and ecological crisis.


Climate justice activist who is committed to strengthening capacity, understanding and citizens engagement mechanisms for better approaches towards transparency and accountability in energy transition and climate change mitigation and adaptation in Africa. 

Link to Muhamed’s work

Co-founder of the International Climate Change Development Initiative (ICCDI), an NGO aiming to produce climate-smart generations, while tackling development disparities. He also serves as the UNDP Small Grants Program’s Youth Focal Point in Nigeria, Youth Lead Author of the Global Environmental Outlook (GEO6) and the Executive Coordinator of the African Youth Initiative on Climate Change.

Link to Olumide’s work

Climate finance specialist currently serving as the Youth Fellow in Finance with the United Nations Climate Change High Level Champions Team. She volunteers with the Care About Climate and the YOUNGO Finance and Markets Working Group which is the child and youth constituency of the UNFCCC.

Link to Natalies work

Mauritian climate advocate who has spoken at various panels and international summits with the aim of promoting the issues small island nations are facing in the context of the climate crisis. In 2021, Yuv co-founded a youth-led local humanitarian NGO: Food Water Hygiene (FWH) Mauritius to support the communities affected by climate disasters.

Climate change professional who grew up in a small city in delta Egypt; a region facing extreme threats of inundation. Ramy is a member of the YOUNGO, UNIDO Global Youth Advisory Group (YAG) representing Africa and the MENA region. Ramy recently received an honorary award from Cairo University for his contribution to climate action in Egypt this year, 2022. 

Link to Ramy’s work

A Coalition of youth from both the global South and the global North. It was established after COP 25, when it became clear that youth engagement and leadership needed to be enhanced and amplified, particularly in the role of taking action to address loss and damage. The coalition is made up of 540+ youths from more than 40 countries. We do advocacy, negotiation, storytelling, training, and campaigning through four primary working groups: communication, storytelling, training, and advocacy.  

Link to the Loss and damage work