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The United Nations General Assembly (UNGA) kicks off today in New York. As the world gears up for this significant event, questions and expectations abound. Here’s a roundup of what to anticipate at this critical gathering, considering the current state of the global climate.

UN Headwinds: While several notable leaders won’t be present, others like Biden, Lula, Modi, and Ramaphosa will be, alongside representatives from hundreds of climate-vulnerable nations.

Movers, Doers, and the UNCAS: Over 100 countries strive to meet net-zero criteria at Antonio Guterres’ UN Climate Ambition Summit (UNCAS) on September 20. The summit emphasizes science, solutions, and solidarity.

Who Gets to Speak: Heads of state, cabinet members, and those with solid net-zero plans will take the podium. City mayors and CEOs with net-zero plans will also address in the afternoon session.

Optimism Amidst Urgency: Expect a strong push from groups like the Alliance of Small Island States (AOSIS) for a transformative meeting addressing fossil fuel phaseout and loss & damage funds.

Key Announcements and Discussions: Keep an eye out for announcements on China’s methane plan, increased support for the Green Climate Fund by France and Norway, AOSIS’s drive for a fossil fuel phaseout, and Powering Past Coal Alliance (PPCA) to announce new country members.

Parallel Events and Reports: Multiple ministerial meetings and reports will also shape discussions during UNGA, offering a holistic view of climate action across the globe.

Between 21st and 22nd, Denmark & South Africa will host a meeting on political response to Global Stocktake ; UAE will  convene to thrash out funding options for loss & damage fund andAOSIS will outline positions on oceans conservation, access to finance

Expected Reports this September

*19 – Global Renewables Alliance call to triple clean energy to 11,000 GW by 2030

*19 – Climate Action Tracker release of 1.5C benchmarks for power sector

*20 – Climate Transparency to release their analysis of G20 emission targets

*20 – CAAD report / Climate Misinformation: Ranking Big Tec

Protests and Disinformation: Anticipate widespread protests and discussions addressing climate disinformation, highlighting the urgency for accurate information dissemination and calls for comitments to end fossil fuels

Climate Week NYC: For those seeking a broader perspective, New York Climate Week offers a plethora of events and discussions showcasing actionable steps toward a sustainable future, including:

*18 / 1500ET: John Kerry & Brazil’s economy minister discuss Amazon development and protection

*19 / 0800ET: Rating agency Moody’s + Nigel Topping on net zero credit risk & resilience

*19 / 1700ET: Top hacks from Axios & AP discuss reporting climate impacts & clean tech

*20 / 1800ET: Vanessa Nakate & Global Witness on protecting environmental defenders

*21 / 0900ET – Climate Analytics & UN envoy Selwin Hart assess UNCAS outcomes

*21 / 1600ET – Campaign group 350 expose the scandal of Vietnam’s climate prisoners

*22 / 0800ET – Philippines govt + US Treasury on Manila’s coal phaseout plans

Carbon Capture and Climate Mitigation: With a surge in carbon capture events, focus is on the discussions surrounding carbon capture and how it plays a role in mitigating climate change. Notably, 70% of the current Carbon Capture and Storage (CCS) projects in operation are for extracting hard-to-reach oil not to capture emissions and this BCG event – one of the advisors to the COP28 Presidency – could be worth tuning into.

Watch it Live: Don’t miss the live coverage of the summit on UNTV, offering a front-row seat to this pivotal event.