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“The new pact includes 23 countries that for the first time have promised to stop building and issuing permits for new coal plants at home and to eventually shift away from using the fuel. Among them are five of the world’s top 20 power-generating countries: Poland, Indonesia, South Korea, Vietnam and Ukraine.”

Climate fund to back India, Indonesia, Philippines coal phaseout - Nikkei Asia
$2.5bn program unveiled by multilateral Climate Investment Funds at COP26

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Half world’s fossil fuel assets could become worthless by 2036 in net zero transition
$11tn fossil fuel asset crash could cause 2008-style financial crisis, warns new study
Countdown on coal: The world needs to ditch its dirtiest fossil fuel to save humanity
On a quiet Sunday morning, an ear-splitting roar reverberated across the English village of Eggborough as four giant concrete cooling towers imploded and crashed to the ground, transformed to clouds of debris in a matter of seconds.
Money for poor countries must rise tenfold, says UN
Developing countries need up to ten times more money than wealthy nations are providing at present to help them survive the impacts of climate change, a UN repo
Pacific islanders struggle at COP26 as pandemic keeps leaders away
Officials left at home were trying to track complex negotiations in Glasgow in the middle of the night, often with unreliable internet connections.
Optimism from climate talks: Warming projections down a bit
Scientists say recent pledges by nations at the Glasgow climate talks will pay off but only just a bit
Greta Thunberg Says Climate Talks Are Becoming a ‘Greenwash Campaign’
Ms. Thunberg and other activists also spoke about the critical role that young women have played in pressuring world leaders to take action on climate change.
A COP26 activist on why he's selling handcuff keys
Since the COP26 climate change summit started, hundreds of protesters have taken to the city's streets.
Indonesia says Cop26 zero-deforestation pledge it signed ‘unfair’
Environment minister of country home to world’s third-biggest rainforest says deforestation pledge must not halt development
‘Reckless’ governments accused of ignoring meat and dairy link to climate crisis
Exclusive: ‘We’re breaking the taboo and saying what has to be said – that livestock production is a major driver’ says author