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Urgency/What’s at stake (negotiations, where are we at)

Other Stories

Future German Chancellor committed to gas, Greens fall in line
As the European Commission is expected to present the rules for sustainable finance via the EU taxonomy this year, the largest EU state and its future chancellor is more committed to gas than ever.
Cop26 will be whitest and most privileged ever, warn campaigners
Thousands from frontline communities in global south have been excluded, activists claim
COP26: Greta Thunberg joins boisterous London protest | DW | 29.10.2021
The Swedish teen joined protesters ahead of the COP26 climate conference to rail against banks profiting off environmental destruction. Organizers say similar protests were being staged in 26 countries around the world.
Climate change: Human activity makes forests emit carbon
Human activity and wildfires have turned highly protected forests into net sources of carbon, a study suggests.
Working at the World Bank, I can see how it is failing humanity on the climate crisis | Jake Hess
Scandals and backdoor support for fossil fuels blight an organisation that ought to be taking the lead at Cop26, says World Bank researcher Jake Hess
Uneven Channels | Kate Mackenzie
Climate diplomacy and the architecture of the global financial system.