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The COP27 explainers aim to provide the climate community with a clear overview of what the “African COP” should achieve, key priorities and actions that countries must take, on climate and recovery, to pursue these joint objectives and keep the global average temperature increase to 1.5°C.

The data is clear. The IPCC report clearly outlined that accelerated and enhanced action is needed at COP27 to build resilience and avoid far worse impacts of climate change. The world cannot escape the reality of the climate crisis- droughts, fires, extreme heat and unprecedented weather events happen daily the world over. Additionally, the unsustainable nature of our energy, food, and agriculture systems was also exposed by the Russia- Ukraine crisis.

As governments seek to address the ongoing health, economic and social impacts of COVID-19, effects of the Russian invasion of Ukraine on global energy, supply chain, and food security, unprecedented climate impacts, the world over, and a closing window to fast-track climate action to maintain a 1.5C.  Governments must seize the opportunity to invest in a recovery that will build social, economic, and climate resilience in the long term.

Each has been prepared with the help of experts, and aim to support climate advocacy in the lead-up to COP27.

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