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November 15, 2021

COP26: False dawn or new dawn?

Verdicts on COP26 depend almost entirely on the expectations of those delivering them. Younger generations,…
November 13, 2021

The Glasgow Pact: What do climate experts say about the outcome?

Here are the opinions of the prominent climate experts about the COP26 outcome: Laurence Tubiana,…
November 13, 2021

#COP26 / The Glasgow Climate Pact has been adopted

China, India, EU, US undermine global fossil-fuel phaseout pledge, as rich nations refuse climate crisis…
November 13, 2021

Extra times at #COP26: – What is going on? – November 13

Here is the summary of the ninth day of the COP26 in Glasgow on November…
November 30, 2019

Oil Gas and Climate Report

This new report finds that the oil and gas industry are planning to invest more…
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