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The world shifts away from Russian oil and gas and the dependence on fossil fuels to renewables

Ukraine war’s ties to the climate crisis became the most discussed topic by climate commentators.
This is a “Fossil fuels war”, that is “the root of the climate crisis and invasion”, Svitlana Krakovska, a leading Ukrainian scientist.
Germany should replace Russian gas with gas from Africa,Vijaya Ramachandran, the director for energy and development at the Breakthrough Institute, wrote in Foreign Policy.
The UN food agency warned the Ukraine war could trigger a 20% jump in food prices.
U.N. agency warns Ukraine war could trigger 20% food price rise
International food and feed prices could rise by up to 20% as a result of the conflict in Ukraine, triggering a jump in global malnourishment, the United Nations food agency said on Friday.
Impact on Renewable Energy
The European Commission’s plan to wean the bloc off Russian gas faster.
The IEA’s 10-point plan to reduce reliance on Russian gas with renewables.
The Labour Party in the UK accused Boris Johnson of shopping for oil from ‘one dictator to another’
Boris Johnson’s Saudi Arabia trip is an embarrassing and needless quest for oil
Analysis: Weeks after Cop26, the PM is cosying up to a regime which abuses human rights to slake our thirst for fossil fuels
The war could have devastating impacts on African countries
Ukraine crisis and Africa: The effects on oil, students and bread
The war in Ukraine could threaten the economies and the stability of some African states.
The EU and US cutting gas imports from Russia “could [see] warp-speed deployment of green energy this decade”
The Global Race To Dump Russian Energy Gathers Pace. Read more