We are calling on Global south creators (Asia, South America, and Africa), to come to COP27 and get first-hand experience at the political negotiations, and interact with journalists and climate NGOs and activists. This is an exciting opportunity for creators interested in better understanding the climate impacts happening across the world, and share the experience with their communities via social outlets.

“COP27, the “African COP”, is a chance to amplify the need for urgent climate action. 2022 has been a year of climate realities like never before, with predictions made in the IPCC reports on devastating climate impacts coming to life. Africa, Europe, the Americas and Asia have all experienced devastating heat waves, floods, forest fires, drought and soaring inflation in food and energy items.

The global south countries have experienced the worst of the devastation, with climate impacts hitting their economies harder. COP27 will have governments of the world represented deciding on what climate action to take to secure a better future for all of us.

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For any questions or clarification, send an email to [email protected]